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These days more and more people are opting to design their homes with a modern and contemporary design, including their bathrooms. This design concept works very well with many homes but especially for smaller spaces since there is minimal decoration making the spaces feel a bit bigger. This is also really great if you have a small bathroom that you want to pack with style but not make it feel too cluttered.

Below are fourteen ideas on how to make yoursmall bathroom look super modern and stylish without creating a cramped environment. These ideas work for all ranges of homes, budgets, and variations of contemporary style.

1. Creating a warm glow.


Lighting is a key factor is any home design but it is especially important in smaller spaces. Good lighting can really set the mood for a space and even make a small room feel bigger than it is. This small, modern bathroom uses three glowing orbs on the wall to emit a warm glow for the space while also acting as an art piece. Smaller spotlights give thebathroom more targeted lighting but the orbs are really the ones that set the mood for this warm bathroom.

2. An unconventional mirror.

Pereira Reade Interiores

Most bathroom use a regular and boring frame-less mirror in the space to get the job done and not distract too much from the rest of the decor. However, why not think outside the box and add a beautiful and creative mirror to your small bathroom to add some character? This gorgeous red and gold framed mirror boldly stands out against the stark white of this bathroom and gives the same effect as a traditional mirror but with more panache. What was one cold and rigid because a space full of life and creativity.

3. Think outside the rectangle.

Many bathrooms tend to go with traditional oval sinks and rectangular sink vanities. Add style to your space by switching up the vanity for a more unique option that more closely follows your bathroom design. This bathroom, for example, features an oval sink basin with high sides and a matching oval sink basin with two black bands. This is a subtle addition to this space but makes all the difference in the overall look of the bathroom.

4. Make space for your things.


Another key factor in small bathroom design is to leave as much free space as possible so that you don't make the room feel too cramped and create a claustrophobic environment. This can easily be done with a few simple steps. Try opting for glass shower doors so that this area doesn't seem to blocked off and flows with the rest of the space. Avoid traditional sink vanities that are very bulky and go for floating ones that leave more opens space, such as we see in this bathroom. The openness makes the space feel bigger without you having to sacrifice on storage and necessities.

5. Embrace natural light.

渡邉 清/スタイルウェッジ一級建築士事務所

If you are lucky enough to have a window in your bathroom, take advantage of this and use it to make your space feel much larger. The natural light that comes in from the windows makes the bathroom feel bright which tricks you into believing that the space is bigger than it is. The artificial lighting in the space should also be subtle and warm so that your space can feel big and bright no matter what time of the day it is.

6. Stone, stone, stone.

BAG arquitectura

Modern design is almost synonymous with using dark stone elements as an accent in the rooms of your home. It gives the space a bold look while also maintaining elegance. The paneledstone wall in this bathroom makes a statement in this space and contrasts greatly with the white cabinets. Attention is drawn to this wall which makes the rest of the bathroom feel bigger without much effort.

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7. Cover the walls in mosaic tile.

Germán Velasco Arquitectos

Tiles are a great design element for bathrooms, even more so when they are in the form of tiny mosaic tiles. These can be found in an infinite number of shades and is a great way to decorate a small bathroom. While big tiles can make a bathroom feel smaller, mosaic tiles make the space feel bigger because there are many more of them and it distracts your brain from the size of the bathroom. You can choose a solid color, like we see here, or opt for a design of various shades of the same color to get an somber effect.

8. Adding character with one feature.


Maintaining a clean and sleek theme is very important for small bathrooms because it makes them feel bigger but that doesn't mean you can't add some style! We've already talked about switching up the mirror but if that isn't your style why not try some funk and patterned floor tile, like we see here? You can be as creative as you want and break up the monotonous colors that keep the space feeling big. And if you worry that it will be too distracting from the rest of the bathroom, you can always use a small floor mat to break it up a bit.

9. Less is more.


We always here the expression but do we ever really take it to heart? Well, in a small bathroom is may be more important than ever. If you are a pretty simple person and don't have a lot of stuff that needs to be in the bathroom, keeping a clean and minimal theme for your space will make it feel so much bigger than it is. This bathroom features only a sink with built-in wall faucet resting on a floating vanity, a small round mirror, and two small pictures hanging on the wall. Nothing says modern quite like minimalism does.

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10. Leave it out in the open.

BCA Taller de Diseño

The more you close things up in a space, the smaller that space will feel. So rather than a traditional vanity with doors and drawers, opt for open shelves that will help to make the space feel bigger. The key to the open cabinet policy, however, is that you need to maintain a clean and clutter-free environment so that it doesn't start to make the space feel small and cramped. As we've said before, floating shelves or vanities are a great way to achieve this look.

11. Keep a simple color theme.


Just as you don't want too much stuff cluttering your bathroom, you also don't want too many colors to make it feel too loud and buy. By keeping a consistent color theme, such as this black and white bathroom, you will maintain a consistent flow in the space. You can still features unique pieces in the space but it will be relegated to the same, or very similar, color to keep with the theme.

12. Rustic elements in a modern space.


We don't usually see the words rustic and modern in the same sentence, let alone the same room, but achieving a mix of the two is possible. The thing to remember is that modern design really loves strong and rigid lines so keep that in mind when trying to incorporate a few rustic pieces. This bathroom features a wooden vanity with a stone basin, and while the basin is a bit rough around the edges, both it and the vanity itself are rectangular in shape, giving it a bit of a modern feel. The faucet is also built into the wall which is very reminiscent ofmodern bathrooms.

13. Sleek is sexy.

Studio ro+ca

We've already talked about how a clutter-free environment makes a space feel bigger than it is, so why not apply this to the features in your bathroom. Opt for bathroom cabinets without door knobs or handles, as we see here, or a toilet with a button instead of a handle. The more seamless the space the better it flows and less closed off these items seem in terms of the space as a whole.

14. Green is good.

Lopez Duplan Arquitectos

No matter the size of your space, and in this case the bathroom, having flowers and plants around the house is alwaysgreat. They improve air quality and also add a sense of cheerfulness to the space. Even if you have a small bathroom and you make think that greenery will take up very valuable real estate, you will be so surprised by how easily the mood of the space can change with just a few flowers.

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As an expert and enthusiast, I don't have personal experiences or beliefs, but I can provide you with information on the concepts mentioned in this article. Here is some information related to the concepts discussed:

Modern and Contemporary Design for Small Bathrooms

  • Modern and contemporary design concepts are becoming increasingly popular for home interiors, including bathrooms. These design styles often feature clean lines, minimal decoration, and a focus on functionality and simplicity.
  • Modern design works well for smaller spaces because it can make them feel more open and spacious. By using minimal decoration and clutter-free designs, small bathrooms can appear larger than they actually are.
  • There are various ideas and techniques that can be used to make a small bathroom look modern and stylish without creating a cramped environment. Some of these ideas include:
    1. Creating a warm glow with strategic lighting choices.
    2. Using unconventional mirrors to add character and style.
    3. Thinking outside the rectangle by choosing unique sink vanities.
    4. Making space for your things by opting for floating sink vanities and glass shower doors.
    5. Embracing natural light and using subtle, warm artificial lighting.
    6. Incorporating stone elements for a bold and elegant look.
    7. Covering the walls with mosaic tiles to create visual interest.
    8. Adding character with one feature, such as patterned floor tiles.
    9. Embracing minimalism and keeping the bathroom design simple.
    10. Leaving storage items out in the open with open shelves or floating vanities.
    11. Maintaining a simple color theme to create a consistent flow in the space.
    12. Incorporating rustic elements in a modern space by balancing strong lines with natural materials.
    13. Opting for sleek and seamless features, such as cabinets without door knobs or handles.
    14. Adding greenery with flowers and plants to improve air quality and create a cheerful atmosphere.

Please note that the information provided above is based on general design principles and concepts. The specific implementation and suitability of these ideas may vary depending on individual preferences, available space, and budget.

14 small and modern bathrooms | homify (2024)
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