All the Features Confirmed for EA Sports’ New College Football Game (2024)

After years of waiting, college football fans will finally have a new edition of NCAA Football to play next summer. Thanks to the NCAA’s new name, image, and likeness standards, EA Sports announced that it is once again able to resume production on one of its most popular franchises. News on the game is sparse, but the studio has already assured fans the newest edition of NCAA Football is moving forward and will reach shelves soon.

While NCAA Football 14 isn’t one of the best-selling video games of all time, it’s developed a cult following over the years. College football is one of the most popular sports in America, but due to complicated legal issues, EA Sports has been unable to make a new version for over eight years. It’s no longer legally allowed to use the official “NCAA” name, but EA's new college football game will include all of the hit features from the old editions and still contain plenty of new ones.

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School Specific Traditions

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One of the most exciting new features is the team-specific traditions, a new addition to the 2023 version. EA Sports has confirmed that it is in the process of acquiring photo, video, and audio assets for all 130 FBS teams that will be highlighted in its new game. The University of Wisconsin could feature its fans dancing to “Jump Around” between the third and fourth quarters. The University of Iowa, whose football stadium is right next to the university’s children's hospital, could show their fans waving to patients under medical care. However, due to rights issues, one of the most storied programs, Notre Dame, may not be in NCAA Football in 2023. College football is full of traditions, and this attention to detail can take the game from good to great.

Also included are team-specific playbooks. This means that Navy, notorious for its triple-option offense, will have a playbook full of interesting run designs with limits on the passing, while Alabama’s 3-4 set, blitz-heavy defense will have all of Nick Saban’s mechanics. There are advantages to each team’s preferred style, but having them true to each school’s playbook will make the game feel all the more immersive.

Game Modes

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There hasn’t been much news on new game modes, but EA has confirmed that Dynasty and Road to Glory modes will be returning when the game comes out next summer. Changes are likely from their 2014 versions, but each one is a fan favorite that gamers still enjoy playing almost a decade later.

Similar to Madden’s franchise mode, Dynasty allows players to take over their favorite college football team and build a legacy. From recruiting to pricing the stadium concessions, gamers can control every aspect of their team and try to become the most successful college program of all time. On the other side, Road to Glory provides players the chance to play as a single player as they lead their team to the National Championship and a Heisman Trophy.

Other Confirmed Features

For better or worse, EA’s new college football title will be built on the Madden engine. Visually, Madden’s graphics set the bar for sports video games. With vivid colors, lively crowds, and compelling in-game production, Madden can be a truly immersive experience. However, despite decades to dial in the formula, glitches in Madden are a yearly tradition for football fans. With how many team-specific features will be included, it could open the door for even more issues in the college game.

One other interesting feature is the broadcast crew. ESPN’s commentators will be the ones to voice the action, earning their spot in the signature franchise over competitors at FOX and NBC. While the specific broadcasters have not been revealed, it seems safe to assume that ESPN’s leading crew of Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit will lead the coverage, providing a true Saturday night, primetime feeling.

EA Sports College Football is currently in development.

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All the Features Confirmed for EA Sports’ New College Football Game (2024)
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