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Legion Artifact Guide – MapleStory | The Digital Crowns (1)

Legion Artifact Short Guide

If you don’t want to think too much and just want the best start and setup this is what you should do.

  1. Open Legion, click Artifact Missions, click Special Tab, click All Completed
  2. Go to Artifacts on the top left corner of the Legion UI. Right click Orange Mushroom and press LEVEL UP RANK till you reach max level 5.
  3. If you have more Artifact AP (shown on the bottom middle of UI) do the same to Slime, Horny Mushroom and so forth.
  4. Next you’ll need Artifact Points which you get from logging in, killing mobs, and doing bosses. It will get completed automatically on its own so just check until you have 500 Artifact Points
  5. Go back to Orange Mushroom, right click, and choose CONVERT STATS. For best damage choose(Damage, Boss Damage, IED/Crit Damage) For farming choose (Meso Obtained, Item Drop Rate, Bonus EXP)
  6. 2 Crystals will give you the max benefit of whatever chosen stats if they are both the same stats and both at level 5. Similar to level 60 boost nodes.
  7. Keep converting and leveling up crystals until all of them are what you want.
  8. On the bottom left corner it will say Extend All. Press this every month or so to keep all the buffs active.

If you want more In-depth info, keep reading and all questions should be answered below.

What Is Legion Artifact?

Legion Artifact is a system in the game that replaced Monster Life and can add helpful passive buffs to stuff like Boss Damage, Damage, Meso Obtained, Drop Rate, EXP, and more. Looks a bit confusing at first but once you read everything and try it out it will be super easy to understand.

Where is Legion Artifact?

Legion Artifact Guide – MapleStory | The Digital Crowns (2)

To get to your Legion Artifact open your Legion and on the top left you’ll see a tab called Artifact underneath Members.

Menu > Mange Legion > Top Left Artifact

How Does Legion Artifact Work?

When you first open the Legion Artifact you’ll see Artifact Crystals in the form of MapleStory mobs (Orange Mushroom, Slime, etc). Each Artifact Crystal starts at level 1, can give you 3 different stats, and has an expiration date.

The key points of the Legion Artifact system are CONVERT STATS, LEVEL UP RANK, and EXTEND DURATION.

CONVERT STATS – when you right click the Artifact Crystal you’ll see this option and it will allow you to choose 3 from a list of 16 different stats that you want. Costs Artifact Points to do. The stats level will be the same Artifact Crystal level and will increase alongside it to a maximum stat level of 10.

LEVEL UP RANK – when you right click the Artifact Crystal you’ll see this option and it allows you to level up the Artifact Crystal to a max of 5 and will also increase the stats alongside it. This will cost Artifact AP to do. From level 1 to 5 it will cost a total of 8 AP.

EXTEND DURATION – each Artifact Crystal has its own expiration date. You can extend this by right clicking and choosing Extend Duration. It will cost Artifact Points and will extend it by 1 month. You can keep extending for as long as you want as long as you have enough Artifact Points. I suggest to use the Extend All button on the bottom left corner so that all your Artifacts will be in sync.

How To Get More Artifact Crystals

In order to get more Artifact Crystals you’ll need to raise your Artifact Level.

Artifact LevelAvailable Crystals
Lv. 20-295
Lv. 30-396
Lv. 40-497
Lv. 50-598
Lv. 60+9

How To Get a Higher Artifact Level?

As you raise your Artifact Level it will give you more Artifact AP and unlock Artifact Crystals at certain levels.

Legion Artifact Guide – MapleStory | The Digital Crowns (3)

To get a higher Artifact Level you need EXP which can only come from the Artifact Missions. Located next to claim coins when you open your Legion. There are 3 different missions that can be done which will reward you with EXP, Artifact Points, or both.

Note that your Normal and Boss Missions will reset weekly.

Normal Artifact Missions will give you both EXP and Artifact Points and only require you to login and hunt a certain amount of mobs per week.

Boss Artifact Missions has a list of all the bosses you can do in the game on a weekly basis. It will give you EXP and Artifact Points based on the top 3 bosses you defeat. It does not matter which order you do your bosses in since the system will update automatically when you do a harder boss and give you the difference.

Special Artifact Missions only give EXP but a lot of it. These missions are linked to your Maple Achievements and if you have been playing for a while you’ll have a lot of these already done. This is the only one you need to manually claim. Normal and Boss missions will give you the EXP and Artifact Points automatically once the mission is done.

All the Stats Available for Artifact Crystals

There are 16 choices when you Convert Stat and for each Crystal you choose 3. You cannot choose the same stat twice in one crystal. The stats have levels themselves and are maxed out at level 10. Since the max level of a crystal is 5 you’ll need 2 crystals with the same 3 choices to max out the stats.

  • All Stats Increase
  • Max HP & MP Increase
  • Attack Power & Magic ATT Increase
  • Damage Increase
  • Boss Damage Increase
  • Ignore Defense Increase
  • Buff Duration Increase
  • Skill Cooldown Bypass Chance Increase
  • Mesos Obtained Increase
  • Item Drop Rate Increase
  • Critical Rate Increase
  • Critical Damage Increase
  • Bonus EXP Increase
  • Status Resistance Increase
  • Summon Duration Increase
  • Final Attack Skills Damage Increase
Legion Artifact Guide – MapleStory | The Digital Crowns (4)

2 Crystals at Lv.5 (Slime, Horny Mushroom) to get level 10 Damage.

What are the best stat choices for Legion Artifact?

These are the top stats to get that work for all classes if you want to do more damage in order of importance.

  1. Damage
  2. Boss Damage
  3. IED
  4. Critical Damage
  5. All Stat
  6. Attack

Depending on the class you’ll want to also get Critical Rate, Buff Duration, Cooldown Skip Chance, and Max HP/MP.

For farming the best are,

  • Meso Obtained Increase
  • Item Drop Rate Increase
  • Bonus EXP Increase

Personally, I would suggest a hybrid of both. For example, if you have 4 Artifact Crystals available i would do Meso, Item Drop Rate, Bonus EXP, Damage, Boss Damage, IED. and have those maxed.

If you want to min-max your damage and farming, and you have enough Artifact Points, you can change Artifact Crystals for the situation that you’re in. For example, Convert your meso, drop, exp crystal to a damage one like critical rate, all stat, IED, attack, buff duration, etc.

This is minimal to do but if you’re min clearing bosses or trying to squeeze out any damage possible, this is a good way.

Easy Missions to do for Legion Artifact

Some of the best missions to do would be the different class missions. This is because you’ll want to make all the classes in the game anyways for legion purposes so this is like killing two birds with one stone.

Another easy one would be doing Mu Lung Dojo if you have never done it before. Also, clearing any bosses for the first time. You might have skipped some easy to do bosses like Easy Lucid or Easy Will and went straight to normal so make sure to do those as well. It would be beneficial to try joining harder parties as well to progress and do the mission.

Most other missions will get completed on their own as you progress and level up your account.

Should You Go Out of Your Way to do Special Missions?

No, in my opinion I don’t think you should go out of your way to do Special Missions to raise your Artifact Level. If you’re a newer player and want more damage it is much better to just farm for meso and fragments (6th job) than to go out of your way to do different missions.

It will level up passively week by week and whenever you advance your legion characters so don’t worry about it and know that you’ll max it out eventually without having to put in any extra work.

Legion Artifact Guide – MapleStory | The Digital Crowns (2024)
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