Spiritfarer Foundry: How To Build + How To Use - Guide Strats (2024)

by February Cortes

Spiritfarer Foundry: How To Build + How To Use - Guide Strats (1)
Unlocked By
  • Astrid’s “Bars of Gold” Request
  • Hobbyist Blueprint Station
Construction Materials
  • 10 Coals
  • 10 Oak Planks
  • 12 Nebula Fabrics
  • 8 Lightnings in a Bottle
  • 7 Bright Jellies
  • 510 Glims

To use the Foundry, place Coal in the furnace and your choice of metal ore in the compartment. Then work the bellows alternately within the indicated temperature until the thermometer reaches its peak and releases the output ingots.

These ingots are then used for the construction of various ship facilities and upgrades.

But for more details we’ve created this guide on everything you need to know about using the Foundry, its upgrades, and its function in Spiritfarer.

Unlocking The Foundry

Spiritfarer Foundry: How To Build + How To Use - Guide Strats (2)

To unlock the Foundry, you will need to have the spirit Astrid on your ship. Do this via:

Step 1: Install a mailbox on your ship and head to Bottom Line Corp. at X: 137, Y: 59.

Step 2: Talk to the leader of the striking workers in the middle. She’ll ask you to talk to their boss, who you can find locked up in his office at the top of some stacked containers.

Step 3: After talking to the boss, talk to the leader again, and she will join your ship as Astrid.

Once Astrid is on the ship, follow these initial requests of hers:

  • Feed Your Elders
  • Three Sisters

After this, Astrid will give you the “Bars of Gold” request and ask you to upgrade to the Hobbyist Blueprint Station. This upgrade requires:

  • 2 Maple Logs
  • 1 Limestone
  • 400 Glims

This unlocks the blueprints for building the Foundry, as well as a couple other building facilities.

How To Build the Foundry

Foundry Building Requirements
MaterialWhere/How to Get
10 CoalsCoal is mined from nodes.

You can find these nodes in:

  • Hoseki Quarry (X: -38, Y: 228)
  • Mount Toroyama (X: -99, Y: 34)
  • Kalstein Mines (X: -99, Y: 117)
10 Oak Planks Made by cutting logs in the Sawmill.

Get oak logs by cutting trees in:

  • Gurenu Fields (X: -65, Y: 55)·
  • Resuteno Meadows (X: -97, Y: -25)
  • Iwashima Countryside (X: -64, Y: 16)

You can also build more than one Foundry. However, building a new one doubles the required materials that you need.

How To Use the Foundry

Spiritfarer Foundry: How To Build + How To Use - Guide Strats (3)

Once you build the Foundry, Astrid will head inside and give you the basics of using it. Here’s how:

Step 1: Head inside and interact with the furnace in the middle to place Coal inside. You can put as many as you like.

Step 2: Go to the left side and interact with the compartment. This opens your inventory and shows you all the metal and glass items that you can smelt. You can choose up to 50 of the same item.

Step 3: After confirming the items, a minigame will start. Interact with the bellows on each side in an alternating manner to push the needle up to the designated temperature.

Each ore will have its own temperature that you need to maintain, and going over that indicator will make the furnace overheat.

Step 4: Keep using the bellows and maintain the needle in the designated spot until the thermometer fills up. Once this happens, the ingots will fall on the basket at the right, and you can collect them there.

Repeat as much as you need.

Spiritfarer Foundry: How To Build + How To Use - Guide Strats (4)

Here are all of the ores you can put inside the Foundry, as well as their outputs:

Aluminum OreAluminum Ingot
Copper OreCopper Ingot
Gold OreGold Ingot
Iron OreIron Ingot
Pulsar OrePulsar Ingot
Silver OreSilver Ingot
Zinc OreZinc Ingot
Empty BottleGlass
MackerelFailed Experiment
Old ShoeHousehold Glue

Note: The failed experiment and household glue are both obtained via one of Stanley’s requests.

Foundry Improvement Upgrades

Spiritfarer Foundry: How To Build + How To Use - Guide Strats (5)

To unlock the Foundry improvement, you will need to first visit Iwashima Countryside. Then you’ll need to collect the treasure map from the “A Little Bit of Sun” errand provided by Francis the Wandering Merchant.

This treasure map will lead you to the location X: -58, Y: -52, and you can obtain the blueprint for the Foundry improvement by diving into the glowing part of the water.

Once the Foundry is upgraded, all of the output from each material you smelt will be doubled. This makes it easier to collect construction materials.

Foundry Improvement Requirements
MaterialWhere/How to Get
12 Nebula FabricsMade by weaving Nebula Thread in the upgraded Loom.

Nebula Thread is made by weaving Nebula Fiber at the Loom, and Nebula Fiber is collected from the Nebula Pillbugs event that Alice introduces to you.

8 Lightnings in a BottleThese are farmed via the Thunderstorms event that Atul introduces to you.
7 Bright JelliesFarmed from the Bright Jelly event that Gwen introduces to you.

Event locations are at:

  • Stage 1 – X:80, Y: 92
  • Stage 2 – X: 63, Y: 163
  • Stage 3 – X: -8, Y: 92
510 GlimsAcquired by completing requests, getting specific items, or selling items from your inventory.
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Spiritfarer Foundry: How To Build + How To Use - Guide Strats (2024)
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