The Best Data Visualization Examples | (2024)

09.02.2024 by Anete Ezera

If you’re looking for the best data visualization examples, you’re in the right place. Infogram users have truly taken their data visualizations to the next level during the last year, creating stunning and impactful projects that score in interactivity, precision, and visual appeal.

On that note, as we’re approaching Infogram’s 12th birthday month, we want to celebrate our creators and publishers and showcase the 12 best data visualizations created by Infogram users in 2023. It was both difficult to create a concise list of the best data visualization examples of 2023 and inspiring to see how creative our users are.

With that said, we’re happy and excited to share the top 12 best data visualization examples in this article, ranging from interactive charts to impactful infographics and visually stunning reports and slides. To mention, the list is in no particular order, simply presenting all of the best examples of data visualization. Additionally, we added 30+ new stunning data visualization examples to our examples page – explore and get inspired to create your own! And if you already haven’t, discover the top data visualizations of 2022.

And without further ado, here are the best data visualization examples of 2023 by our users!

Best data visualization examples

USA Today: Basketball player score line chart

Can you make a line chart visually appealing and enticing? This data visualization example displaying Michael Jordan’s and LeBron James’ scoring points and game counts proves it right. The line chart is only one part of the highly engaging and visually stunning article by USA Today. The article is filled with interactive and appealing data visualizations created on Infogram that truly inspire.

With basketball player images and additional textual elements, the line chart scores in visual appeal, making the data visualization simple yet effective.

Encyclopaedia Britannica: American Generation experience (infographics)

Do you know what generation you belong to? And what were the defining pop culture moments for you or your parents? In this interactive and enticing experience through decades created by Encyclopaedia Britannica, you can uncover just that.

The interactive infographic below only displays the initial page for exploring the various generations. Once you click on the button or image that illustrates a specific generation, you’re taken to an article that’s not only filled with valuable information but also packed with engaging and captivating visualizations. These infographics are some of the best data visualization examples as they’re exceptionally enticing and interactive. They allow you to delve into each generation, visualizing important data, and revealing key historical moments through various multimedia materials such as audio, video, and images. Start exploring and get inspired by the multimedia elements and designs!

Private Equity International: Perspectives 2024 slides

In our list of top data visualizations for 2022, we featured a stunning slide deck from Private Equity International, which is a part of the PEI Group. Their latest Perspectives 2024 slides, packed with engaging visualizations and compelling animations, and presented in an attractive layout, have captivated us once again.

Upon examining the slides, the first thing that caught our attention was their visually appealing design, which remained consistent throughout the project. We also found the transitions between slides to be smooth and engaging, capturing the viewer’s attention. The data visualizations were presented in a clear and interactive manner, allowing us to easily navigate through them. Additionally, the slide deck provided easy navigation, with the content of each slide clearly presented at the top of the first page.

USA Today: Taylor Swift’s show’s surprise songs graph

As Taylor Swift made history by winning the Album of the Year Grammy for the fourth time, it’s worth looking at the Eras Tour’s numbers and successes, beautifully visualized by USA Today. While the article features many stunning visualizations, the following graph caught our eye. Using various visual elements and interactivity features, the graph neatly visualizes each Era Tour show’s surprise songs by album. By hovering over each colored circle that corresponds to an album, you can see the song name and have a clear overview of the surprise songs in each show. This graph serves as a great example of a visually appealing visualization that engagingly displays complex data, making it easy to read and understand.

Fairtrade International banana dashboard

Do you want your dashboard to offer a highly interactive experience packed with captivating visual elements? This Fairtrade International dashboard presents a comprehensive overview of Fairtrade bananas, serving as a great example of an interactive experience. The dashboard covers a range of topics including the profile of Fairtrade banana producers, the benefits and impacts of Fairtrade, insights on human rights and environmental issues, and more.

What makes this dashboard one of the best data visualization examples is the seamless navigation it offers, providing a user-friendly experience. Moreover, the use of transitions breathes life into each page, and the neatly placed data visualizations create a visually appealing and comprehensive overview. Ultimately, the Fairtrade International dashboard excels in design, interactivity, and ease of use. On top of all that, it beautifully displays captivating and impactful charts and graphs.

The Cato Institute: Mexican apprehensions area chart

The comprehensive article on guest worker influence on illegal immigration by Cato Institute encompasses data-rich visualizations, providing valuable information to the reader. The article extensively explores the topic, offering easily digestible content with many data visualizations.

One data visualization that stood out for us was the area chart complemented with a table chart. These charts reveal the number of Border Patrol apprehensions and the context behind each policy era. The additional information on each policy era allows the viewer to draw parallels with the Mexican apprehensions and guest worker activity. The chart itself is beautifully presented, including interactive elements that allow the reader to hover over each data point to uncover more information. Ultimately, it’s one of the best data visualization examples, scoring in clarity, visual appeal, and engagement.

Encyclopaedia Britannica: The Holocaust timeline

When exploring complex events that require in-depth examination and accuracy, a timeline can be a perfect guide to provide readers with a clearer picture of event developments and impacts. The Holocaust timeline by Encyclopaedia Britannica serves as a great example of a clear, concise, and impactful visualization of events. It engages the reader and provides information in a comprehensive and easily understandable manner.

What’s exceptionally great about the timeline, is that it allows the reader to uncover more by clicking on the images. Once you click on an image, it leads you to a page that reveals detailed information in beautifully crafted data visualizations. The interactive features enrich the timeline and make the data discovery process more engaging and enticing. Ultimately, the timeline serves as one of the best examples of a highly educational and captivating data visualization project that truly engages the reader.

PCMag’s race bar chart: Internet shutdown losses

The PCMag article explores our deep dependence on the internet and what even a minute of internet shutdown could do to a country’s or company’s financial state. The article includes two captivating race bar charts. One visualizes the economic damage a disruption of the internet and mobile data would do to every country and the world as a whole. The other chart visualizes the same scenario but focuses on how this disruption would affect the biggest companies. Both charts are equally engaging and captivating. You can see how neatly the information is presented in one of the race bar charts below.

With the use of icons representing each company and well-placed labels, it’s easy to follow the timelapse and grasp information in a matter of seconds. This race bar chart perfectly showcases how you can present valuable data in a highly engaging and entertaining way.

PropertyGuru Singapore Consumer Sentiment Study H2 2023 infographic

The PropertyGuru Singapore Consumer Sentiment Study H2 2023 infographic stands out as a great data visualization example. It seamlessly blends stunning design elements with interactive charts. From its cohesive color schemes and fonts to its interactive features, the infographic scores in maintaining visual cohesion and providing a user-friendly experience.

Also, through the strategic use of visual hierarchy, the infographic guides the viewer’s attention to key data points. At the same time, it incorporates different charts to present helpful information on real estate satisfaction, affordability, interest rates, and more in Singapore. All in all, the combination of aesthetic appeal, functionality, and comprehensive coverage makes it a great example of an effective infographic.

CNC animated map of the coronation procession of Charles III

The article featuring the animated map by CNC showcases the procession route during the coronation of Charles III. The animation adds life to the beautifully visualized map of London, capturing our attention.

By incorporating animations to depict the coronation procession, it’s easier for the viewers to imagine and visualize the event. As a result, these animations provide a realistic feel to the map. Additionally, callouts pop up to signify a location in London and provide valuable information in a simple yet engaging way.

Overall, the animated map by CNC offers an exceptional example of a beautifully visualized and highly engaging map that captures the feeling of a real-life event.

FOX TV report: State senator votes in the Ken Paxton impeachment trial

If you’re looking for an easily understandable, engaging, and interactive report example, here it is. The FOX TV article features a report that efficiently showcases how each state senator voted in the Ken Paxton impeachment trial.

By hovering over each senator’s picture, you can see their name. And by clicking on the ‘article’ link, you’re taken to a publication that covers all 16 articles of impeachment against the attorney general.

This informative and interactive report is highly helpful for those looking to learn more about this trial and gain a deeper understanding without spending extra time researching this information. By simply interacting with the report, readers can grasp information more effectively and enjoy a visually appealing presentation of data.

Similarweb report on the fastest-growing digital travel & tourism companies

The Similarweb two-page is a great example of effective data visualization and user-friendly design. The list features bar chart visualizations that capture the reader’s attention with clarity and visual appeal. Each bar represents a company, and the interactivity of the chart allows readers to hover over individual data points for insights.

Furthermore, the report’s overall design is clean and well-structured, ensuring that readers can quickly grasp the information without unnecessary clutter. By combining clear visual elements with engaging charts, the report provides readers with valuable insights in an effective manner.

Get inspired by the best data visualization examples

With all of the best data visualization examples of 2023 listed, we’re excited to see what stunning and impactful data visualizations our users are going to design this and following years.

The best data visualization examples of 2023 exemplified creativity, precision, and visual appeal. From interactive charts to visually stunning reports and slides, each example demonstrates the power of effective data visualization in conveying complex information clearly and engagingly.

Infogram users have truly pushed the boundaries of data visualization, creating impactful projects that not only inform but also inspire. As we prepare to celebrate Infogram’s 12th birthday, we truly are inspired by our users and their exceptional work and look forward to continued innovation.

Whether it’s through interactive graphs, visually appealing infographics, or captivating animations, we hope that the listed data visualization examples will inspire others to explore the possibilities of visual storytelling. We invite you to get creative and create impactful Infogram projects today!

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Regarding the article you mentioned, "Best Data Visualization Examples of 2023," it showcases some impressive data visualizations created by Infogram users. The article highlights various examples, including line charts, infographics, slides, graphs, dashboards, timelines, bar charts, infographics, animated maps, and reports. These visualizations demonstrate the power of effective data visualization in conveying complex information clearly and engagingly.

Here are some key concepts related to the data visualization examples mentioned in the article:

  • Line Chart: A line chart is a type of graph that displays data as a series of points connected by straight lines. It is commonly used to show trends or changes over time. One example mentioned in the article is the line chart displaying the scoring points and game counts of basketball players Michael Jordan and LeBron James, created by USA Today.

  • Infographics: Infographics are visual representations of information or data. They often combine text, images, and charts to present complex information in a concise and visually appealing manner. The article mentions Encyclopaedia Britannica's interactive infographics that explore American generations and their defining pop culture moments.

  • Slides: Slides are individual pages or screens used in presentations. They can contain text, images, charts, and other visual elements to convey information. The article highlights Private Equity International's Perspectives 2024 slides, which feature engaging visualizations and compelling animations.

  • Graphs: Graphs are visual representations of data that use lines, bars, or other symbols to represent values. They are used to show relationships, comparisons, or trends in data. The article mentions a graph created by USA Today that visualizes Taylor Swift's show's surprise songs by album.

  • Dashboards: Dashboards are visual interfaces that display key information and metrics in a consolidated and interactive manner. They often include charts, graphs, and other visual elements to provide a comprehensive overview of data. The article features Fairtrade International's dashboard, which presents a comprehensive overview of Fairtrade bananas.

  • Timelines: Timelines are visual representations of events or processes arranged in chronological order. They help provide a clear overview of the sequence and duration of events. The article mentions Encyclopaedia Britannica's Holocaust timeline, which presents a concise and impactful visualization of the events related to the Holocaust.

  • Bar Charts: Bar charts are graphs that use rectangular bars to represent data values. They are commonly used to compare categories or show the distribution of data. The article features a race bar chart created by PCMag that visualizes the economic damage caused by internet shutdowns.

  • Animated Maps: Animated maps are maps that incorporate animations to depict movement or changes over time. They can add a dynamic and engaging element to visualizations. The article showcases an animated map by CNC that depicts the procession route during the coronation of Charles III.

  • Reports: Reports are documents that provide detailed information or analysis on a particular topic. They often include text, visuals, and data to present findings or insights. The article mentions a report by FOX TV that showcases how each state senator voted in the Ken Paxton impeachment trial.

These are just some of the concepts related to the data visualization examples mentioned in the article. If you have any specific questions about these examples or need further information, feel free to ask!

The Best Data Visualization Examples | (2024)
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