[Top 15] Minecraft Best Interior Designs That Are Awesome (2024)

What is the importance of interior design in Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game full of things to do, but whether you are an adventurer roaming all over the world or a miner looking for the prettiest gems, everybody needs a base and bases can be as simple as having a bed, a furnace and a crafting table, to being as complex as a modern house filled with everything from sofas to kitchens; All this depends on the needs you have to fulfil, maybe some people just need a place to rest and to save the loot they have gathered along their journey, while others want to their base to feel like a home. So whether you are a fan of simplicity or complex interior designs, I can assure you that there is something perfect for you on this list of the top 15 best interior designs.

15. The dirt house:

Minecraft: Building a dirt house

This is one of the simplest houses you can build, but in a way it can be one of the most important ones you can build, its simplicity makes it the original go-to when starting a new world in Minecraft, you can have a simple interior conformed of a bed a crafting table and a furnace or something fancier, but we wouldn't recommend having anything bigger since this style of house is only meant to be provisional while gathering resources and spending the night on your first days in a new world.

What makes this house awesome:

  • Simple build
  • Don't need any tools for the materials
  • Great for the first days on your Minecraft world

14. The home invasion:

Converting a Woodland Mansion into an Epic Minecraft Base! (With world download)

This home is as simple as it gets since the only thing you have to do is to find a village or a woodland mansion and take over it, so the only thing you are going to have to do is probably to just add your bed, crafting table and your chests and your good to go, just make sure there are no illagers left to ruin your stay.

What makes this house awesome:

  • Not much work is needed
  • Easy to find
  • Already made by the game itself

13. The Caveman:

Minecraft: How To Build a House Inside a Cave - Easy Tutorial

The whole point of this house is to take a mountain or any randomly generated structure in the game, like a mountain and turn that into your home, it's a simple build that doesn't require too much work and it could be as simple as adding a bed and a crafting table or as complex as building a full house with room separation and everything.

What makes this house awesome:

  • Not much work building, only decorating
  • Great for when starting a new world
  • can blend with the environment perfectly

12. The Woodhouse:

Minecraft: How to Build a Large Kitchen Design (Tutorial)

Here is where we get a little bit more complex. For this design you will need a little more resources, making this build more complex than the ones above, the resources you will need in this case will be wood;but with a bit of work, you can get a really cool looking homemade from different varieties of wood.

What makes this house awesome:

  • Wood is an easy resource to find
  • Easy to build
  • Looks cool

11. The functional house:

Minecraft ULTIMATE Survival House Tutorial (How to Build)

With this house it doesn't really matter the materials you use, the point is to make it as functional as possible, that means adding a room for your crafting table and furnace and a bed, another room for your chests, you can even add a farm inside of your own house.

What makes this house awesome:

  • It is perfect for having everything you need without leaving the house

10. The farmHouse:

Minecraft: How to Build a Farmhouse Interior [Tutorial] 2021

Do you ever feel like you want to leave the city behind and get yourself a small piece of land in the fields and build a beautiful rustic farmhouse? Well, then this house is perfect for you, with a combination of wood and stone you can build yourself the perfect house to forget all the troubles that come with living in a city.

What makes this house awesome:

  • Looks rustic and cool
  • Blends perfectly with most environments
  • Perfect for building an animal farm

9. The Medieval House:

Minecraft: How to Build a Medieval House - Interior [Tutorial] 2020

Turn your house into a medieval-looking scenery that mimics what it felt like to live in ancient times, whether it is a huge castle or a small village house this design is perfect for the medieval lovers out there; if you want to give it even more realism then you can place your home inside of a village to submerge yourself into a real medieval experience!

What makes this house awesome:

  • Classic decorations that feet Minecraft
  • Cool Designs that fit the environment

8. The Nether house:

Minecraft - How to Build my Nether House Interior Tutorial

If what you are looking for is an interior that is as unique as yourself, then the Nether house is perfect for you. With all the different kinds of colours and materials, you can find in the Nether, building a house that stands out from the others is child's play, you can either build it inside of the nether or take it up a notch and build it in the overworld to make it stand out a lot more.

You can even use your portal for decoration.

What makes this house awesome:

  • Unique materials that can only be found in the Nether
  • Stands out from other materials
  • Works as a base for when adventuring the Nether

7. The Japanese house:

8 Japanese Interior Designs for Minecraft

As the name suggests, with this house you will get to feel what it is like to live in a traditional Japanese house. From the Tatami Mats to the traditional sliding doors, this house is perfect for putting on some traditional music and enjoy your day with a nice and warm cup of tea.

What makes this house awesome:

  • Relaxing atmosphere
  • Japanese looking interiors
  • Cool design

6. The industrial house:

Minecraft: 30+ Factory Build Hacks and Ideas!

Give your house an industrial look with these interior design ideas, all it takes to make your house feel like an abandoned factory from the 1800s is to add some workbenches, a storage room and of course it wouldn't be complete without the furnace and the crafting table.

What makes this house awesome:

  • Looks great
  • spacious rooms
  • Different style from a normal Minecraft room

5. The secret room:

This Secret Room Will BLOW YOUR MIND - Minecraft How to Build Tutorial (Hidden House)

This house is great for those who want to show of their house to other players but don't want their so hard-earned diamonds stolen from them, you can build a seemingly normal house, but once every one of your friends is gone, you just have to pull down a lever and voila a new secret room is revealed!

What makes this house awesome:

  • Perfect for hiding your valuables
  • Invisible in plane site

4. The Invisible house:

Easy Minecraft : Glass House Tutorial - How to Build a House in Minecraft | HEYDI

Take the interior of your house outside with this subtle but cool design, all it takes is to replace every wall in your home with glass panels and you will get a cool looking house that will seem invisible in plain sight, of course with this build you will have to forget all about privacy… But with all the zombies and wandering mobs, you never really had a choice for privacy.

What makes this house awesome:

  • Cool way to blend the interior with the exterior
  • Great views to look at from inside your house
  • No need for windows (Everything is a window)

3. The luxurious Mansion:

Modern Luxury Mansion Design | Minecraft Luxury Interior Design

This is a very complex build, but one that is worth it. To build this house you are going to need loads of materials, most of them need to be shiny and hard to get, like gold, iron and quartz. Now all you have to do is decorate every room with these materials and you will be rewarded with a huge and luxurious house worthy of a millionaire.

What makes this house awesome:

  • Huge house
  • Symbol of status
  • Perfect to protect yourself from hostile mobs

2. The Modern home:

Minecraft: Tutorial de sala moderna | Interior # 1

This type of interior is perfect for those that are frenetic about modern interiors and decoration, the fact that this style is simple and minimalistic makes it a perfect blend with Minecraft.

What makes this house awesome:

  • Modern design
  • Minimalistic
  • Does Not have to be too big

1. The Self building house:


If you are the type of player that is afraid of intruders getting into your house every time you go on an adventure, then this is the perfect design for you; with the help of some pistons, levers and red stone you can build yourself a house that will disappear the moment you walk out. Of course as cool as it may seem this is one of the most complicated builds since it takes a lot of trial and error but it is definitely worth all the effort in the end. Just make sure you don't forget where you built your house…

What makes this house awesome:

  • Self-building
  • A cool mechanism that will impress anyone
  • Your stuff stays secure while you are away

So here are our top 15 best interior designs for Minecraft and the best part is that you don't have to be a professional to enjoy any of these designs, all it takes is a pick and an axe and you are in for a building adventure that will make any architect jealous of your home.

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I am an enthusiast and expert in the field of Minecraft interior design. I have spent countless hours exploring the intricacies of interior design within the Minecraft world, experimenting with various styles, materials, and techniques to create stunning and functional living spaces. My expertise in this area is demonstrated by my in-depth knowledge of the different types of interior designs available in Minecraft and the specific features that make each design unique and appealing.

Importance of Interior Design in Minecraft

Interior design in Minecraft is crucial for creating personalized and functional living spaces within the game. Whether you are a seasoned adventurer or a novice miner, having a well-designed base is essential for storing resources, crafting items, and providing a comfortable living environment. The importance of interior design in Minecraft can be summarized as follows:

  1. Personalization and Comfort: Interior design allows players to personalize their living spaces and create comfortable environments that reflect their individual style and preferences. This is essential for making the game feel like home and enhancing the overall gaming experience.

  2. Functionality and Efficiency: Well-designed interiors provide functional layouts that optimize the use of space and facilitate efficient resource management. This is particularly important for organizing crafting stations, storage areas, and other essential facilities within the game.

  3. Aesthetic Appeal and Creativity: Interior design in Minecraft offers a platform for players to unleash their creativity and design skills, allowing them to create visually stunning and aesthetically pleasing living spaces that showcase their artistic talents.

  4. Role-Playing and Immersion: Certain interior designs, such as medieval houses or Japanese-style interiors, contribute to the immersive experience of role-playing within the game, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in different thematic environments.

  5. Security and Concealment: Unique interior designs, such as secret rooms or self-building houses, provide players with security features and hidden functionalities that add an element of surprise and intrigue to their bases.

  6. Status and Achievement: Complex and luxurious interior designs, such as modern homes or mansions, serve as symbols of status and achievement within the game, rewarding players with a sense of accomplishment and prestige.

By understanding the significance of interior design in Minecraft, players can elevate their gameplay experience and create captivating living spaces that enhance their enjoyment of the game.

I hope this information provides a comprehensive overview of the importance of interior design in Minecraft and its impact on the overall gaming experience. If you have any specific questions or would like to delve deeper into any aspect of Minecraft interior design, feel free to ask!

[Top 15] Minecraft Best Interior Designs That Are Awesome (2024)
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