Master Closet Plan & Inspiration - Kassy On Design (2024)

Thing are slowly getting started on our BIGGEST home project. This is the one we know will likely cost the most, but also be the one that adds great value to our home. We are adding an entire bathroom and master closet to the house. Luckily, there is already 2 storage rooms (or thats what we call them because they don’t have an obvious use) ready to be transformed. I’m going to do my best to explain my plans for the master closet space and my inspiration! These plans are purely dreams. I’m doing my very best to make them come to life, but as in life, nothing ever goes 100% to plan. I’m going to roll with the punches and try to create a version of this that works for us and our budget.

Let’s start with inspo. If you follow me on IG, then you know I ADORE Chris Loves Julia’s, Julia Marcum and her modern traditional style. It’s timeless and warm and it’s the look I’m aiming for in my home. Her closet from her previous home is my main source of inspiration. And there are a few other images that I LOVE as well.

Master Closet Plan & Inspiration - Kassy On Design (1)

I adore the moody, warm color. It’s what inspired my choice of a moody blue/green. I alos love fact that they painted al the trim and the ceiling. Surprise, I’m planning to do that as well! And the leather ottoman is the icing on the cake.

Master Closet Plan & Inspiration - Kassy On Design (2)

I adore the green color here and the mix of wood tones and the checkered floor.

Master Closet Plan & Inspiration - Kassy On Design (3)

Again, I adore the tones in this space. It feel cozy and moody and like a spot I want to sit forever!

Above is the before shot! The sliding door is the door that leads into my bedroom. It will disappear and become a regular doo. The other door in the space goes into the second storage space that will become our master bathroom. The ceilings are high and there are huge slanted windows at the top that bring in a good bit of natural light! I LOVE it. The carpet is coming up for sure and the entire room will be painted.

Below is my version of the new floor plan. And some 2D and 3D images of the design that I made in sketchup. On the right side of the room will be keith’s stuff, the left side will be mine!. I wanted to put an island in the middle, but I think space might be a bit tight. So instead, I’d love to use an ottoman as a spot for us to sit and put our shoes on. If, in the future, I feel like there is space to build an island, then I can always add it!

I wanted to seperate the spaces a bit so I’m hoping to bring out two partition walls on either side. Behind the right side will be a new door to connect the bathroom to the closet and behind the door, I’d love to add a spot for a small stackable washer and dryer unit. A friend of mine suggested this addition and I knew I had to try and work it in if possible.

Behind the other partition wall is my vanity area for makeup and hair. I’ve always loved getting ready in my closet since I had a vanity in my closet in college. I’ll never go back! The back wall is some additional storage for shoes and handbags for me. Some drawers will be for jewelry and other item storage. And the other side of drawers, I hope to make into a false drawer front that pulls out with our laundry baskets. The only thing I’m missing is a nice large spot for a mirror, but surely I’ll figure that one out, right?

Master Closet Plan & Inspiration - Kassy On Design (6)
Master Closet Plan & Inspiration - Kassy On Design (7)

Kassy’s Side with Vanity area

Master Closet Plan & Inspiration - Kassy On Design (8)

Keith’s Side with doorway to bathroom

Master Closet Plan & Inspiration - Kassy On Design (9)

Back Area with washer/dryer

Master Closet Plan & Inspiration - Kassy On Design (10)
Master Closet Plan & Inspiration - Kassy On Design (11)

So are you starting to understand? I’m also hoping to add an additional area on top of the initial built-ins so that we will have some additional storage space for off season or rarely used items. Or hiding places for Christmas Gifts!

I’m digging this layout a lot! I’m hoping to have a cabinet guy come out asap to give me a quote. Since day 1, I’ve planned to buy an Ikea Pax system and hack it to look exactly like I want, but if a cabinet guy can do it for a reasonable price, I’ll likely go that route. If for no other reason, then just because stock at ikea is low and all over the place. I’m not even sure if I can get all of the parts and pieces that I need.

I’ll keep you guys updated on the plans on IG stories!! Make sure you follow along there. Enjoy my mood/inspiration board below!

Master Closet Plan & Inspiration - Kassy On Design (12)
Master Closet Plan & Inspiration - Kassy On Design (2024)
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